About Us

Vision, Mission & Values


To become the preferred company in offshore marine services for the benefit of our clients, our employees and all stakeholders.


To develop a sustainable relationship with all our stakeholders based on trust and the quality of our services. To provide safe, reliable and cost effective solutions in accordance with our Code of conduct and all applicable laws and regulations.


BSKH success relies on shared values that make it unique. Every day, our people share these values in their determination to be:

    • Professional

Professionalism in BSKH is all about conveying expertise, mastering one’s profession and being committed to quality work performance. It also involves demonstrating inter-personal skills, respect for clients, colleagues, suppliers, equipment and procedures.

    • Responsible

At BSKH, responsibility goes hand in hand with transparency in relation to clients, superiors and colleagues. Responsibility also entails upholding the brand and company reputation at all times.

    • Enthusiastic

BSKH value of enthusiasm is about having and demonstrating passion for one’s profession. It encompasses the desire to share this passion and encouraging company stakeholders (clients, colleagues, co-workers, suppliers, potential candidates and market players...) to participate as well.

    • Solidarity

Solidarity is about acknowledging, respecting, supporting and assisting company stakeholders. It’s about being a team player, contributing to growth, sharing one's knowledge, expertise and best practices. It also entails being exemplary.